Airline Radio Procedure
It is very important that Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers understand each others needs.. The way this is achieved is by having a set language namely English. The Pilots and Controllers should give their Radio Messages in a set format. Pilots must repeat back clearance instructions and controllers have to listen to make sure the pilot has got it right. Pilots must then fly to ATC instructions.I have included links to the CAA websites There is also excellent safety videos linked here. One is on Operating in the North Atlantic with regard to radio procedures called on the right track. use the menus in the top right hand corner for short video presentations.These second one is known as Level Best 2 and the last one is called mode s which shows the technology to prevent losses of separation .Each Airline will have a company radio channel in addition to the ATC channels so pilots can talk to their ground handling agents and the Airline Operations Room. The radio procedure link gives you a pdf document that talks to you as well. click on the manual page when it loads
Radio Procedures
Safety Video
Oceanic Check Lists and Videos
Mode S