About Britannic
As close as it gets to being a real airline pilot. We simulate flying Holiday Charter Airline Flight Operations, from all the Main Regional Airports in the UK, Sweden & Germany. We fly to all the worlds holiday resort airports. We use all versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aim of the Virtual Airline is to promote friendship, and to share knowledge to all persons interested in the computer flight simulator community, with regard to Airline Operations and the job of the Airline Pilot. Basically you fly yourself and send us your flight reports in. Or with our multiplayer flights or flying on VATSIM. We also have a flight school to help you understand flight operations. We were founded in March 2000. We are a serious flight simulation site not a game site.We do not try to restrict you too much. Basically you pick your airport of departure and destination and your own departure time then choose the type of aircraft you wish to fly (we have liveries you may want to use for the main Microsoft Flight Sim add on aircraft. We suggest you purchase either the Level D 767 or ,PMDG 737 Just Flight Airbus or 737 Pilot in Command. You may fly with the Basic aircraft also. Once you have done the flight you send us your flight hours and we place you on the roster and your rank will vary on the how many hours you have flown. The only rule we insist on is that you must fly once a monthly or get leave from us otherwise your membership will be cancelled. We also have forums so you can communicate with other members of our Virtual Airline. Our internet community has about 30 pilots some hold real world pilots licenses. People from all walks of life join us here in their hobby. Online flying is not compulsory we cater for complete beginners so do not be put off joining us we all had to start somewhere.Most of website is controlled from the Operations Centre so please click on the link below and go there and look around our Virtual Airline. We would also like to thank Geoff Butler founder of this VA for all his work without his help and guidance we would never have got this far.