Pilot Application  

Before you apply to join us, please decide whether you can at least  fly once per month. We also expect you to be active in our forum for pilots as well

 If you cannot fly once a month  or be an active forum member please  do not apply as you will be wasting your time and ours. 

If your answer is yes to the question please fill out the the form at the bottom. We will then contact you normally within 48 hours. You may fly now. When we contact you , we will give you a temporary number for you to send in with flight reports. Once 20 hours flying time with the VA has been made you will be given a permanent number and then placed on the main roster. Until you have done 20 hours your name will not be posted on the website. For new guys we have a Flight School.  Please advise us if you need help. We have complete beginners here and have brought a few on to a high level. So do not be put off joining us if you are new.

It is a condition of joining that you allow us to put your name only and your hours on the roster. We do not give out any information to any person or give out your E mail address. Please read the Operations Procedure before flying.

Welcome to our Virtual Airline. We allow up to 500 hours to be credited from other Virtual Airlines. 

Accelerated flight time should not be used during the first 20 hours flying. Nor should long haul flights be made.

You need to have Microsoft Flight Simulator or X Plane

Please read the  notes above before applying

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