Charter Airline Operations.

Charter Airlines may either be part of a massive package holiday organization such as Thomas Cook or TUI  or Independent Travel Companies that either charter an aircraft for say a pop concert, football rugby spectators or formula one motor racing . Or a religious pilgrimage charter say to Lourdes, Rome, Mecca. These independant travel companies also book passengers on the surplus seating of the Main holiday Airlines.What we are simulating here at Britannic is all these operations listed above. So you can follow your Sports teams around the world. Timings are your choice. For European Football teams for example  set a morning departure of 0900 from a homebase regional airport and return at Midnight from the sport venue.

Package Holiday Charter Operations

The holiday charter operation works on the basis that aircraft are out based at different homebase regional airports. The departure times are more or less the same each day but aircraft go todifferent destinations each flight. Aircraft are designed to all arrive at the resort airport all at the same time from all the different regional airports on a given day. This allows holiday reps to get all the passengers together and sort them onto coaches to go to different resort hotels. The busy resorts may have two waves a day of aircraft from different regional airports. These busy resorts may have flights twice a week from each regional airport. on arrival at the resort airport. The passengers flying back would have checked it two hours before their flight so the aircraft lands unloads is cleaned fuelled and reloaded and gone again with a one hour turnaround. it arrives back at the homebase and again unloaded cleaned reloaded a fresh flight crew and gone again to another resort.. This process will be repeated again the next time its back. 

Positioning Flights

Sometimes aircraft finish at one regional airport and need to position to another regional airport empty to operate a holiday flight out of there then position back later. Or the aircraft may need to go into a hanger for servicing at the main maintenance base  so these  flights may be done if you only have a short time to fly.Our maintenance bases are Stockholm Arlanda, London Luton or Frankfurt Main. You can position the aircraft back later.

Pilot Rosters

Charter Airline Pilots may be based permanently at a regional airport or sometimes they work from the main base and may be positioned by road or air taxi from the main base before a flight and back to the main base after the flight. Sometimes pilots may be out based for a week and live in a hotel near the regional airport they operate a flight each day for a few days then return home with a few days off. Then they perhaps work from the main base for a week a few days off then outbase again at another regional airport. The downside is seeing all those lovely sunny holiday resorts and then getting stuck in a cold rainy windswept hotel back in UK Germany or Sweden.. Its not so bad if the other pilot plays golf. ;-). The furthest the UK Charter Airline Pilots can fly and get back in a day is Egypt Cyprus or Canary Islands . Occasionally flights get delayed and pilots go out of duty time. So some days pilots sit at home on stand by and can be called in to fly if a flight crew has gone out of duty hours. The bad news is you can get called in right at the end of your stand by time. A suggested way to operate your flights with us is start off doing a morning flight and on return to the homebase note the time then the next flight would be an afternoon flight come back note the time and then do a night flight use the arriving back time as the time to sign on on your next shift. Youv can choose which regional Airport you want to fly from remember. This way you get a good selection of regional airports to fly from and fly the different shift pattens Crossing the Atlantic will always be a morning departure returning across the Atlantic at Night. Flights to Asia are always Evening departures. Just use the one hour turnaround rules for departing on the next leg. Some airlines running a bidding system so pilots can put in the dates they want to work and flights etc. Long haul pilots may get a few days off after a flight before relieving the incoming crew to fly on to further destinations or back to Europe. In our case note the the time you arrived from the last sector at this airport then thats the time you relieve the crew and fly on say from Bermuda to Jamaica of course bearing in mind the one hour departure rule after landing. in other words on parking save the flight you then know where you parked on the airfield and the time you got there. Pilots normally book on one hour before flight departure time.

Any questions please feel free to ask one of the management team or put the question on the forum one of our experienced pilots will help you.