Flight Reports

 (Its better to keep the time on your watch)

Flying Time is from brakes off  at departure point gate to brakes on, on the ramps at the destination. Use your watch and work out the time do not use the flight sim time.

Turn round time is not counted but is 1 hour.

Bravenet upgrades equipment occasionally if you submit a report and you do not get our Thank You page up then the report is not received please send it by E mail from the Crew Centre  to the Chief Pilot or send later when Bravenet is back on Line. 

Britannic Flight Reports Form


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Pilot Number

Total Hours this Flight

Flt 1 + Flt  2 or legs

Departure airport

Destination airport

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Hours claimed this report

What should your total rostered hours now be on the roster after adding the last flight ?


Enter Your total Roster hours above


Use Hours and decimal


If the flight is in odd hours and minutes then round up to the next 15 minutes  and enter the minutes as a decimal  see below for details

A  flight of 2 hours 8 mins will be reported as 2.25 hours

A flight of 2 hours 50 mins will be reported as 3 hours

your odd minutes therefore should only be .25 .5 .75 or the full hour

do not use hours or minutes as you confuse the person doing the rosters


Use Hours and decimal