For these approaches you are going to need to assess your drift. I found that the using the Loc button works fine but if you were doing a visual or VOR/NDB then you have got to work this drift out. The crab method is the easiest to do as described here above.. Your aircraft nose may be pointing off the runway on  the approach,  as you almost touch down you need to yaw the aircraft  to face centre. IF you do it to early you may be drifted off the runway on the leeward side, Too late and you could be off the runway on the windward side. It takes practice

Land on the body wheels first but do not hesitate  holding the nose off you want to steer with all wheels. so get the nosedown as soon as the body wheels have touched first.

 The alternate method is to fly with the wing down slightly on the windward side. The trick is to get it just enough so the aircraft does not turn off the heading so adjust it. Also be careful when near the ground on  touchdown as too much bank angle will scrape the wing tips and engine cowlings and can ruin a good day.

To check your crosswind on the FMC press the prog button and then next page it is on page 2 of the progress pages.