Geoff Butler's Flight School & Britannic Virtual Airline

One of the best aircraft ever designed for Flight Simulator is the Level D 767. This Virtual Airline and the real world Charter Airlines use the 767 as one of the main aircraft types in their operation. I recommend  buying this aircraft to  use in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It does take a bit of learning, but  is well worth the effort. The Flight Management Computer ( FMC) is hard to learn but well worth it. I will give you a few tips on how to use the FMC. Flying this aircraft is like programming a computer it has different sub routines. We will look at them bit by bit below. we will do a flight and then a few approaches at the end to get you using the FMC and operation. Do use the manual that comes with the program. What I have attempted to do here, is make it simple for Virtual Airline Pilots and especially for new flight simmers doing our Virtual Airline Operations.  Some of these procedures are common to all glass cockpit airliners like the 737 also.

The course is being expanded gradually to help new pilots of the Level D 767 Some of these techniques apply to all aircraft

Exit To Crew Centre

 AVSIM Flight School

Before Flight Preparation

Visual Approaches

Push and Start

Crosswind Landings

Take Off Tips

Useful Add Ons

Atlantic Diversion Procedure

Constant  Descent  Approach Procedures

 Go Around Procedures and Tips

 Structure Limits