Useful Add Ons

Some useful add ons for the Level D 767 are FS Navigator which can sort all your flight planning out for you and export the flight plans into your FMC. Active Sky Weather is also excellent and a program called radar contact which is an ATC simulation not a game. A quick look below is enclosed. The beauty of FS Navigator and the FMC the navigation database can be updated each month for a subscription to Navigraph. You can also get charts for Airports and Airways. This is well worth it .Details are at Navigraph

Fs Navigator is easy to use once you have loaded it you need to create a database then all you need to do is put in the departure and arrival airports and press autoroute high level airways. it will find the current airac route for you. You may have to trim the beginning and end so that you can fly the SIDs and STARsas per your charts. Fs Navigator can be purchased by download from

Active Sky gets all the Weather data from around the world and once you have done your flight plan you can download it for the route. Ground Environment pro works with this it then loads textures for the conditions and sets the weather. You can also get weather reports on route to your destination. it loads various textures to make the weather stunning. in the cockpit you have a weather radar which fits nicely without problem.. Active sky can be purchased from

Once you have mastered the aircraft then radar contact can be purchased which using the flight plan will give you an ATC service from pushback to parking. and if you get it wrong at the end expect to get a telling off from the flight safety inspector. Radar contact can be purchased from

Excellent airport scenery can be found at or  to enhance your experience.

Below is some pictures for you to see what I am talking about.

The active sky weather radar fits nicely as does the radar contact interface. all you need to operate is the mouse and the key numbers on the keyboard as its menu driven. The weather is updated on route. This picture was taken climbing out of Cairo on a recent stormy day.

Below is FS Navigator at work

Additionally Flight Sim Commander is also very good especially if you want to fly the Atlantic as the daily oceanic tracks can be downloaded and plotted automatically. This program works with FSX and FS9. it also can do your flight plans for the Level D 767 FMC.