Winter Timetable Destination Guide

This guide is to help pilots fly to the correct Winter holiday destinations from their European Regional Homebase Airports in the UK., Germany , Holland or Sweden. Most of the common destinations are shown in this guide.  There are many more but these are the main ones. You may fly to those other ones as a separate flight number the number is listed in the relevant section. All flight numbers are given the flight code BVA.

 Your departure time at a resort or intermediate stop  is arrival time at the gate plus one hour for the onward or return flight. For flights to Cyprus , Greece East Turkey Bulgaria from UK you may break your journey up by landing in Austria or Germany either at Vienna or Munich.   Going to the Canary Islands use Lisbon Seville or Granada.  For Agadir  Morocco  use Gibraltar. For Southern Greece you could use Rimini. The choice is yours this is just a guide.

 There are three areas of operations for you local instructions are contained on the section pages.


Operates 1st Nov Until 30th April Ski Flight start 1st Dec with Christmas specials

 Europe -Egypt and Africa Resort Airports Guide

Europe-Arab States and Indian Ocean Singapore 

Thailand Australia  New Zealand

Europe-USA Canada Cuba Mexico Honolulu

Europe - Bermuda  & Caribbean

Australia And New Zealand

Ski Flights From  1st Dec -1 March


Xmas Flights Dec 2013-Jan 2014

From the Operations Manual

Departure Times

Having chosen your departure and destination airports and type of aircraft you now choose a departure time. On long flights over 3 hours you may like to make an intermediate stop on route around the halfway mark. For example Gatwick to Tenerife you could stop at Faro in Portugal. See the intermediate stops page for more details. Charter Airlines do not fly to the same resort every day like scheduled airlines do. However the departure times will be more or less the same time at homebase airports each day only the destinations changes each day.

Our Departure Off Block Times within Europe from our Homebase Regional Airports to the Europe resorts are in local time below just choose one for each flight 

From Germany Sweden and Netherlands Homebase Airports


06.00 06.30 0815 08.40 10.30 13.15 14.45 16.00 21.30 22.00

 From UK and Eire 

06.30   07.00 07.30 09.15 09.40 11.30 14.15 15.45 17.00 22.30 23.00

On arrival at the resort or intermediate stop you can either save the flight and fly the return leg another day or depart back one hour later. It is suggest you do a three shift system so pick a morning departure then on return to homebase then  pick an afternoon one and then a night flight. This will keep you competent at flying at all different light effects. The exception being long haul which have to depart to comply with the Atlantic crossing times shown below. 

 Flying Over the Atlantic  

For flying the Atlantic Westbound from Europe  flights in the Oceanic Airspace are normally entering the airspace  between 1130 and 1930 UTC at the Entry points just West of Ireland.  Eastbound flights from USA and Canada to Europe enter the Oceanic Airspace  from 0100 - 0800 UTC time Eastbound at the entry points East of USA and Canada.   You have to work out your flight time to arrive at the entry points no earlier or no later of the times stated above. More on the Atlantic operating procedures can be found elsewhere on the website as this airspace is unique.

 Departures to the Far East 

Flights to  the Middle East , India or Indian Ocean and Thailand will leave European Homebase Airports between 1800 and 2330  local time. These will operate from London Heathrow Amsterdam Frankfurt or Stockholm Arlanda Only . Times are published on the page of each section which override this general guide.

Above All have Fun

The Management Team

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